Experience Eating Disorder

My relationship with food

How and when it started

What is it

Initial treatment – that did not work

  • Getting told I have to eat.
  • Being forced to eat.
  • Therapists, I did not feel comfortable with. Men did not work, nor did settings that felt like I am in an institution.
  • Getting told to take antidepressants. Never took them.
  • Comments on my appearance.
  • Accusations such as „you are making yourself sick“.
  • Any added pressure.
  • Eating plans.

Treatment – self-initiated

What worked for me

How do you support someone?

One more note on self-connection


  • For example, people being so quick in judging you and pushing you down, are in a negative place. You do not have to take their negative vibes and criticism. How you feel is your choice.
  • The past is only as big as we make it be.
  • Self-talk really matters. Start paying attention to your words and thoughts. (Unintentional Thoughts & Intentional Thoughts)



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Alexandra Plesner

Alexandra Plesner

Austrian creative strategist primary based in London, working worldwide.